EFCore Power Tools is useful in the migration from Entity Framework to Entity Framework Core

by Patrick Lee on 13 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure Entity Framework Entity Framework Core migration .NET 7

I recently used EFCore PowerTools (a Visual Studio extension by Erik Ejlskov Jensen - great work Erik, a fantastic tool!) to create model code from an existing database. That was an excellent starting point and with a few modifications, I was able to complete the migration of an MVC website which had used .net framework 4.72 and Entity Framework 6.4.4 to .NET 7 and Entity Framework Core 7.0.2 relatively straightforwardly.

For information about EFCore Power Tools see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uph-AGyOd8c, That video is from 2020, but Erik has updated the tool (including on 31 Dec 2022!) and it has been downloaded over 250k times. He is https://twitter.com/ErikEJ on Twitter