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How to check or save the Configuration app settings for an Azure app service

by Patrick Lee on 15 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure DevOps Kudu configuration settings

For security reasons, you should not be storing production setting values in source control. But this means that by default, you don't have your own backup of the values for your live, production settings. What if you want to store a copy of your settings (e.g. along with the artifacts) ...

EFCore Power Tools is useful in the migration from Entity Framework to Entity Framework Core

by Patrick Lee on 13 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure .NET 7 Entity Framework Entity Framework Core migration

I was able to migrate a legacy project using .net framework and entity framework to .NET 7 and EFCore relatively easily. EFCore Power Tools was very useful in doing a first draft of model code from the existing database.

A reminder that .NET 6 (or 7) code can work with Entity Framework 6.3.3 and later, although EF Core is better

by Patrick Lee on 08 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure .NET 7 .NET 6 Entity Framework Entity Framework Core legacy

If your legacy code uses Entity Framework 6.3.3 or later, you don't necessarily need to move to Entity Framework Core at the same time that you move from .net framework 4.7/4.8 to .NET 6 or 7.

If you get TLS 1.0 or 1.1 error, one possibility might be that you are using an older app service that needs migrating to .NET 6 (or at least framework 4.8)

by Patrick Lee on 07 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure TLS .Net framework .NET 7

One possible solution to a "You are using TLS version 1.0, 1.1 and/or 3DES cipher which are deprecated" error might be to upgrade any older app services that are using older versions of .net framework. (formerly a useful free tool for doing cloud and other architecture charts

by Patrick Lee on 28 Jan 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure architecture design Office

I have found useful for doing architecture charts to document and explain how the different components in a distributed application work together..

Microsoft Azure's Monitor for Azure Functions is buggy - check the logs for any missing data

by Patrick Lee on 28 Jan 2023 in categories tech BigData with tags Azure AzureFunctions Application Insights

In the Azure portal, for Azure Functions, I've found that the Monitor section for individual subfunctions is not infrequently a bit buggy, in that it misses out some function runs, particularly for functions trigged by a timer. To check whether the function actually ran on a particular day, check the logs for the function: they are usually far more complete.

Microsoft Graph: to change user passwords, an app can't use API permissions instead just needs User Administrator role

by Patrick Lee on 25 Aug 2022 in categories tech with tags Azure ActiveDirectory MicrosoftGraph ADB2C

User Administrator (or similar) role is needed for a registered app to change a user's passwords within Microsoft Graph.

A hole in Azure Active Directory: Microsoft ought to list the roles a registered application has

by Patrick Lee on 25 Aug 2022 in categories tech with tags Azure ActiveDirectory

It is very hard to find out what roles an app has been granted. When you add a role, document this within the notes section of the app's blade in the Azure portal. Microsoft ought to fix this.

Some Microsoft Professional certifications passed

by Patrick Lee on 01 May 2022 in categories actuarial tech with tags Azure lifelong learning CSharp

Both last year and this year I took (and passed) a Microsoft exam (I suppose the equivalent of CPD - Continuing Professional Development). Last year it was Programming in C# (certification: here ), and this year it was Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate (certification: here ).

How to use Application Insights to get the most requested pages in a website

by Patrick Lee on 30 Apr 2022 in categories tech with tags Azure Application Insights kusto SQL dashboard

This shows you how to add a simple Application Insights query to get your top requested pages which you can then add (pin) to an Azure dashboard.