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Using Azure Storage? Use the new Nuget Packages or for Tables Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDb.Table

by Patrick Lee on 10 Apr 2020 in categories tech with tags ASP.NET Core AzureTables

On 6 April 2020 Microsoft released new versions of Nuget Packages to enable developers to read and write to Azure Storage accounts. For example, to connect to blobs (binary large objects, typically images or files), use the new Azure.Storage.Blobs Nuget package. (e.g. I have just used version 12.4.1). Example of ...

How to add Tag and Category Clouds to a blog running ButterCMS

by Patrick Lee on 04 May 2019 in categories tech with tags ASP.NET Core ButterCMS AzureFunctions AzureTables

Popular self-service blog platforms like WordPress allow to you add Tag Clouds via adding what they call a widget to a sidebar. I wanted to add one to this site (which is a standard ASP.NET Core 2.2 webapp, but modified to use ButterCMS as a blog backend) and after checking ...