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How to check or save the Configuration app settings for an Azure app service

by Patrick Lee on 15 Feb 2023 in categories tech with tags Azure DevOps Kudu configuration settings

For security reasons, you should not be storing production setting values in source control. But this means that by default, you don't have your own backup of the values for your live, production settings. What if you want to store a copy of your settings (e.g. along with the artifacts) ...

I just completed Microsoft's DevOps Practices and Principles course

by Patrick Lee on 28 May 2019 in categories tech BigData with tags AI lifelong learning DevOps

I recently completed the above Microsoft/edX course (full details of the course are here ) with a final mark of 95%. Why is DevOps important? Huge increases in efficiency for tech companies #DevOps is the art and science of trying to automate/streamline as much as possible many stages (i.e. humans ...