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Running out of disk space on a Windows pc? TreeSize may help, beware OneNote cache and backup folders

by Patrick Lee on 19 Jun 2022 in categories tech with tags OneNote Windows

I have been finding that on several pcs that I use, the free space on the C drive has been reducing constantly over time. The existing tools within Windows 10 didn't help as they don't make it easy to find out where the large files and folders are, and the ...

How to use OneNote to organise notes much better than in e.g. Word

by Patrick Lee on 04 Sep 2019 in categories tech with tags lifelong learning OneNote

Many years ago I switched to using OneNote (part of Microsoft Office) for taking notes, as opposed to Word. After all, that is what OneNote is designed for, whereas Word is designed to be a general word processing tool. If you put your notes in Word, you have to use ...

A few tips to help maximise your marks on online courses (e.g. edX)

by Patrick Lee on 13 May 2019 in categories BigData actuarial tech with tags Azure PowerBI Python AI edX lifelong learning T-SQL USQL OneNote

I have now taken 24 online edX courses, mainly on #DataScience, #BigData and #AI. The pass mark on these has been 70%, but being a bit of a perfectionist, I have always tried for 100%. (After all, would you really want an airline pilot who got things right 70% of ...