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This site now updated to use .NET 5.0

by Patrick Lee on 03 Feb 2021 in categories tech with tags ASP.NET Core .NET 5.0

As mentioned in this article, updating this from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 5.0 was quite straightforward.

Azure Functions: beware the Monitor which often misses information, use logs instead

by Patrick Lee on 03 Feb 2021 in categories tech with tags .NET 5.0 ASP.NET Core

A quick note to warn users of Microsoft's Azure functions: I have quite often found that the Monitor facility misses out showing some recent function runs. Querying the Application Insights logs for traces, requests and exceptions is more reliable.

Migrating from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 5.0: reasonably straightforward apart from for functions

by Patrick Lee on 22 Dec 2020 in categories tech with tags .NET 5.0 ASP.NET Core

A quick blog post about migrating from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 5.0. I have found this reasonably straightforward in a number of projects, with some exceptions: There is still no .NET 5.0 version of Azure functions so they have to remain .NET Core 3.1 for the time being in ... a new service to help lawyers and others report problems at criminal justice venues

by Patrick Lee on 08 Oct 2020 in categories tech with tags SQLAzure Azure ASP.NET Core Telerik crime

I follow various barristers, solicitors and police accounts on Twitter and have been aware for some time that the criminal justice system in the UK has been subjected to underfunding for many years. At times, I'm told that working conditions are unsanitary or even unsafe. I have set up a ...

My software engineering portfolio: some screenshots

by Patrick Lee on 07 Oct 2020 in categories actuarial tech with tags cashflow projection natural language processing LUIS AzureQueues NoSQL WPF SQLAzure React Azure ASP.NET Core Telerik Blazor AzureFunctions Azure Data Factory crime

This shows an embedded slideshow from my Smugmug site of my work on various software projects.

Using Azure Storage? Use the new Nuget Packages or for Tables Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDb.Table

by Patrick Lee on 10 Apr 2020 in categories tech with tags AzureTables ASP.NET Core

On 6 April 2020 Microsoft released new versions of Nuget Packages to enable developers to read and write to Azure Storage accounts. For example, to connect to blobs (binary large objects, typically images or files), use the new Azure.Storage.Blobs Nuget package. (e.g. I have just used version 12.4.1). Example of ...

This site now updated to use ASP.Net Core 3.1

by Patrick Lee on 02 Apr 2020 in categories tech with tags Telerik ButterCMS ASP.NET Core

For those with a developer/techie interest, I have recently updated this site to use ASP.NET Core 3.1. ButterCMS is used as a headless CMS engine, and I have added Telerik Kendo UI for ASP.NET Core controls which I aim to use for some more data based future posts. An Azure ...

Set up a custom Azure dashboard and alerts to monitor the health of your queues

by Patrick Lee on 29 Sep 2019 in categories tech with tags dashboard Azure AzureQueues AzureFunctions ASP.NET Core

Set up a custom dashboard showing the length of your queues One of the common use cases for an Azure function is to run on a timer to check the status of one or more Azure queues. You can do this very easily via an Azure v2 function because these ...

.NET Core 3.0 now available!

by Patrick Lee on 29 Sep 2019 in categories tech with tags ASP.NET Core

Further to this article, Microsoft released .NET Core 3.0 on 23 September.

.NET Core 3.0 release is planned for September 2019!

by Patrick Lee on 05 Jul 2019 in categories tech BigData with tags Blazor ASP.NET Core

Further to my previous post about Blazor see here ) I am excited about the forthcoming release of version 3.0 of .NET Core by Microsoft, expected in September 2019. In particular, not only will this version include Blazor, but it will include support for machine learning. says: NET Core ...