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Working towards a Pensions Dashboard

by Patrick Lee on 08 May 2022 in categories tech pensions BigData actuarial with tags dashboard pensionsdashboard

I am creating a prototype, suitable for use with the UK's Pensions Dashboard project.  Early days, but have made good progress so far!  More in due course.

How to use Application Insights to get the most requested pages in a website

by Patrick Lee on 30 Apr 2022 in categories tech with tags Azure Application Insights kusto SQL dashboard

This shows you how to add a simple Application Insights query to get your top requested pages which you can then add (pin) to an Azure dashboard.

Set up a custom Azure dashboard and alerts to monitor the health of your queues

by Patrick Lee on 29 Sep 2019 in categories tech with tags ASP.NET Core Azure AzureFunctions AzureQueues dashboard

Set up a custom dashboard showing the length of your queues One of the common use cases for an Azure function is to run on a timer to check the status of one or more Azure queues. You can do this very easily via an Azure v2 function because these ...

Microsoft Professional Program for Big Data: my journey (Oct 2017 - Apr 2019)

by Patrick Lee on 22 May 2019 in categories BigData actuarial with tags PowerBI SQLAzure Microsoft R Server Azure Data Lake Azure Data Factory Python lifelong learning T-SQL USQL NoSQL dashboard

I was very pleased to complete this program (a series of 10 courses) in April 2019, working in my spare time. Overview The 10 courses were: Microsoft Professional Orientation: Big Data (completed Oct 2017) Analyse and Visualize Data (completed on the Data Science program in July 2017) Work with NoSQL ...