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My Journey to Data Science, Big Data and AI

by Patrick Lee on 11 Mar 2020 in categories actuarial with tags USQL T-SQL lifelong learning edX Azure AI PowerBI Python

I gave a presentation to the Channel Islands Actuarial Association earlier today, and a similar one earlier this year to the Staple Inn Actuarial Society. I provided copies of the materials I used to those two Societies, but I have had a few requests for a copy from other people: ...

Microsoft Professional Program for Big Data: my journey (Oct 2017 - Apr 2019)

by Patrick Lee on 22 May 2019 in categories actuarial BigData with tags dashboard NoSQL USQL T-SQL lifelong learning SQLAzure PowerBI Azure Data Factory Azure Data Lake Microsoft R Server Python

I was very pleased to complete this program (a series of 10 courses) in April 2019, working in my spare time. Overview The 10 courses were: Microsoft Professional Orientation: Big Data (completed Oct 2017) Analyse and Visualize Data (completed on the Data Science program in July 2017) Work with NoSQL ...

A few tips to help maximise your marks on online courses (e.g. edX)

by Patrick Lee on 13 May 2019 in categories BigData actuarial tech with tags OneNote USQL T-SQL Python PowerBI Azure lifelong learning edX AI

I have now taken 24 online edX courses, mainly on #DataScience, #BigData and #AI. The pass mark on these has been 70%, but being a bit of a perfectionist, I have always tried for 100%. (After all, would you really want an airline pilot who got things right 70% of ...