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Microsoft Azure's Monitor for Azure Functions is buggy - check the logs for any missing data

by Patrick Lee on 28 Jan 2023 in categories tech BigData with tags Application Insights AzureFunctions Azure

In the Azure portal, for Azure Functions, I've found that the Monitor section for individual subfunctions is not infrequently a bit buggy, in that it misses out some function runs, particularly for functions trigged by a timer. To check whether the function actually ran on a particular day, check the logs for the function: they are usually far more complete.

No Application Insights requests or exceptions showing for .NET 5 and 6 app services? Need to configure the project within Visual Studio

by Patrick Lee on 25 Aug 2022 in categories tech with tags Application Insights .NET6.0 .NET 5.0

If App Insights is not showing any data for a .NET 6 (or 5) web app, configure it within Visual Studio

How to use Application Insights to get the most requested pages in a website

by Patrick Lee on 30 Apr 2022 in categories tech with tags dashboard Application Insights Azure SQL kusto

This shows you how to add a simple Application Insights query to get your top requested pages which you can then add (pin) to an Azure dashboard.

Application Insights is not fully supported for .NET 5.0, but you can configure it manually

by Patrick Lee on 03 Feb 2021 in categories tech with tags Application Insights .NET 5.0

If you look at a .NET 5.0 App Service (website) in the Azure portal, you will currently (3 Feb 2021) see that the Applications Insight link in the left hand menu is disabled, with a tooltip when you hover over it saying that Application Insights is not yet supported for ...